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About Wofford ECE Consulting Group, LLC

Who and Where We Are

We are an M/W/DBE and Section 3 Certified organization based out of Pennsylvania that specializes in business system development. We strive to educate, enlighten and empower all small business owners who seek to build a solid business system that will withstand the competitive and unforeseen currents that will test the integrity of your business and how efficiently it operates.

What We Do

We provide professional, affordable, and reliable products and services to small business owners that enhance the manner in which their business operates on a daily basis.

How This is Done and When Businesses Need Us the Most

We accomplish this by conducting private consultations, workshops, customized professional products, and services that are specifically designed to accelerate the efficiency of the business,  retain high-quality staff, and increase productivity, resulting in higher standards of integrity and profits. Start-up Businesses utilize our services to assist them is creating a vision and/or business plan for their organization. We help organize your thoughts and ideas, then transform them into realistic goals, resulting in tangible results. Existing Businesses utilize our services to enhance their current business operations. They may need assistance with building a positive workplace culture, retaining qualified employees,  verifying employment references, assistance with creating a staff orientation package, a business system audit, or they need to create a business system from scratch. Whatever your business system issues are, we have the solutions.

Why Choose Wofford ECE Consulting Group, LLC?

We have over 20 years experience in the Education and Human Services fields, along with over 15 years experience in the Business Development field. We remain relevant by staying current with innovative and unique methods that enhance the learning experiences with our clients and empower them to take action that guarantees positive results. Come experience Wofford ECE Consulting Group, LLC and experience what wonderful things we can do for your small business.